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Bandes (State Development Bank of Espírito Santo) is a state public bank whose main function is to promote financing for the development of its business and, consequently, the state economy in the Espírito Santo State, Brazil.

Currently, Bandes is a modern bank with a wide range of credit solutions, where entrepreneurs can rely on credit lines for goals that generate employment, income and competitiveness for the economy and hence for the development of the State. Bandes supports corporations and individual.

Created on February 20, 1967, Bandes has existed for more than five decades, working together with the micro, small, medium and large entrepreneur, whether in the countryside or in the city. A pioneer bank, which invests in businesses such as microcredit, agribusiness, green economy, creative economy, Participation Investment Funds (FIPs), Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), among many.

In addition, Bandes works in the Executive Secretariat of the Investment Incentive Program in the State of Espírito Santo (Invest-ES), and is a technical and financial agent of the Reforestation Program.

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